the woodlea bakery's 


There was a time not long ago...

when the neighborhood bakery was a part of life in America. The smells of freshly baked breads were never distant. Cakes, pies and seasonal treats all were a walk away.

Fast forward to today. Many local bakeries couldn't compete with super markets. With all the needs of the shopper, many people quietly accepted their quick, processed baked items and forgot what freshly baked really meant. No mixes, no pre-made toppings. Fresh baked items made from scratch, made everyday.

There's a renaissance under way though. Woodlea is leading the way as one of the neighborhood bakeries that not only has stayed in business, but has thrived. Each day means freshly baked, from scratch. Everything.

Stop by Woodlea, meet the Hergenroeder family, and see what a bakery is meant to be.

It all started when…

The Woodlea Bakery was opened in April of 1943 by John and Dorothy Hergenroeder, and has been continuously operated by the family ever since. The bakery is now owned and operated by their grandson Charlie and his wife Concetta. This tradition of family business and service that has been carried out for four generations!

The Hergenroeder family has always taken great pride in their ability to provide their customers a delicious product at a great price.

Take a peek in our store and you will not only see hundreds of freshly baked creations, but you will see family members that care about you, and what you serve your family.