Welcome to the Woodlea Bakery, where the Hergenroeder family has been serving the Baltimore area with the finest award winning baked goods for over 65 years.

The Woodlea Bakery

There was a time, not long ago, when the neighborhood bakery was a part of life in America. The smells of freshly baked breads were never distant. Cakes, pies and seasonal treats all were a walk away.

Fast forward to today. Many local bakeries couldn't compete with super markets. With all the needs of the shopper, many people quietly accepted their quick, processed baked items and forgot what freshly baked really meant. No mixes, no pre-made toppings--made from scratch, made everyday.

There's a renaissance under way though. Woodlea is leading the way as one of the neighborhood bakeries that not only has stayed in business, but has thrived. Each day means freshly baked--from scratch--everything. Stop by Woodlea, meet the Hergenroeder family, and see what a bakery is meant to be.


1. Call in Your Order


Need to call Woodlea? Give us a ring at one of our two area locations.

BALTIMORE (410) 488-7717

BEL AIR (410) 420-2203

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